The Vancouver Fish Company Dinner Menu

We are proud to offer a diverse and delicious dinner menu at The Vancouver Fish Company including fresh tuna tataki tacos, a sweet maple walnut prawn appetizer with toasted sesame and spiced walnuts, a Vancouver Island Humboldt Squid buttermilk marinated with parmesan, a vegan super food salad, an amazing assortment of market seafood with at least six different cuts of fish available along with the amazing VFC Seafood Platter with seared sashimi-grade Ahi tuna, Sockeye salmon, prawns & scallops, Dungeness crab, lemon thyme roasted potatoes, steamed rice, seasonal vegetables, wasabi, soy, grilled lemon, drawn butter!

We look forward to having the opportunity of hosting you!

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VFC Dinner Menu

Amazing Vancouver Seafood Menu
Granville Island Restaurant


daily selection, please ask your server $AQ

Garlic Bread Basket
garlic herb butter, toasted baguette $3.99

Tuna Tataki Tacos
marinated tuna & avocado, radish, green onion, jalapeño salsa, crispy shallots, fresh lime $13.99
Add: one taco +$3.99

VFC Buttermilk Chicken
boneless thighs, house-made buttermilk ranch dip $13.99

VFC Maple Walnut Prawns
lightly fried VFC tempura prawns, creamy spicy sauce, walnuts, toasted sesame, Togarashi $16.99

Mussel & Clam Bowl
fresh Salish Sea mussels & clams, coconut chipotle lime broth, garlic bread $24.99

Humboldt Squid
Vancouver Island, buttermilk marinated, lightly fried, sorrel, tomato, green onion, parmesan, black garlic & squid ink aioli $15.99


Soups & Salads

VFC Seafood Chowder
fresh seafood & clams, bacon, thyme cream
Bowl $12.99 | Cup $9.99

fresh local seafood, mussels, spicy tomato & fennel broth, saffron aioli, garlic bread
Bowl $12.99 | Cup $9.99

Caesar Salad
chilled romaine hearts, bacon, crispy croutons, parmesan, fresh lemon
Large $13.99 | Small $8.99

West Coast Superfood Salad
Hannah Brook Farm greens, carrot, cucumber, dried blueberries, almonds, hemp hearts, pine nuts, apple chips, carrot citrus vinaigrette
Large $14.99 | Small $9.99

Add to your salad:
avocado +$2.99, chicken breast +$8.99, prawns +$12.99, Sockeye filet +$13.99

Market Seafood
All market fish are 6 oz, gluten free, simply grilled, and served with lightly scented Kaffir lime & ginger Basmati rice, Hannah Brook Farm vegetables, and beurre blanc.

Trio of Fish
Chef’s selection of three of our market fish

Haidacore Tuna
Haida Gwaii, rich, flavourful, fall-caught,
best cooked blue-rare $29.99

Ahi Tuna
Pacific waters, firm, medium-mild flavour,
best cooked blue-rare $31.99

Sockeye Salmon
Bowen Island, flavourful, oily, moist,
best cooked medium-rare $29.99

Rock Fish
Haida Gwaii, firm, lean, mild,
best cooked medium-well $26.99

Haida Gwaii, firm, lean, large white flakes,
best cooked medium $34.99

Pacific Northwest, rich & buttery flavour,
best cooked medium-well $36.99

Pacific Scallops
Pacific Northwest, firm, sweet briny flavour,
best cooked rare $31.99

Poached Lobster
1.5 lb live lobster, rich, succulent,
poached in sea-salted water, drawn butter $AQ

Dungeness Crab
2.5 lb Dungeness crab, sweet, delicate,
poached in sea-salted water, drawn butter $AQ

Add to your market seafood:prawns +$12.99, scallops +$18.99, mixed grill +$16.99, 2.5 lb Dungeness crab +$AQ, 1.5 lb live lobster +$AQ


VFC Signatures

VFC Fish’n’Chips
GI Honey Lager battered rock fish, famous fries, cabbage & carrot slaw, citrus ginger vinaigrette, famous tartar $21.99

Ahi Tuna Niçoise
seared sashimi-grade Ahi tuna, new potatoes, beets, French beans, olives, tomato, Panko-fried egg, olive oil, Dijon aioli, green onion, cilantro $26.99

Miso Sablefish
miso & sake marinated Pacific Northwest sablefish, sautéed Shiméji mushrooms, bok choy, tempura vegetables, yuzu beurre blanc $38.99

AAA beef tenderloin, garlic confit whipped potatoes, Hannah Brook Farm vegetables, green peppercorn sauce $35.99

Wild Mushroom Gnocchi
house-made potato pasta, wild mushroom sauté, fresh arugula, radish salad, Porcini crumble $21.99

Add: prawns +$12.99, blackened chicken +$8.99



Seafood Platter
seared sashimi-grade Ahi tuna, Sockeye salmon, prawns & scallops, Dungeness crab, lemon thyme roasted potatoes, steamed rice, seasonal vegetables, wasabi, soy, grilled lemon, drawn butter $89.99

Surf & Turf Platter
2 AAA tenderloins, prawns, scallops, Dungeness crab, garlic confit whipped, seasonal vegetables, green peppercorn sauce, grilled lemon, drawn butter $99.99

Forno Roasted Fish Platter
whole roasted local rock fish, lemon thyme roasted potatoes, grilled Hannah Brook Farm vegetable skewers, grilled lemon, beurre blanc $64.99

Add to any platter: 2.5 lb Dungeness crab +$AQ, 1.5 lb live lobster +$AQ, scallops +$18.99, prawns +$12.99